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Russell Wilks
19 Karma
I'm search for a backpack that I can bring to work, but also carry enough clothes in for weekend trips. Ideally, I'd like something with a separate laptop compartment. Black or blue preferred, but not required.
Walter S
13 Karma
I need a new winter coat that's good for everyday use. I'm looking for something fashionable enough that it's appropriate to wear to work, but casual enough that I'm comfortable.
Chris Navarra
11 Karma
I want a slim wallet that I can use to carry my license, a couple of credit cards, and a subway pass. I might carry a bit of cash as well, but not much. Ideally brown, but open to other colors.
Frank Peters
13 Karma
I want some brown leather boots that will last a really long time. Ideally the kind that I can resole. Any suggestions appreciated.
Gary Tores
9 Karma
I want a water-bottle that's BFA free and solidly built. What do you guys recommend?