I'm looking for something that I can wear out in the rain, either to work (I work at a Startup) or out at night. Basically a dressy, waterproof sneaker or low-cut boot.
Vans Old Skool MTE Mens Sizes Grape Leaf Green Marshmellow Skateboarding Shoes
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I own these and wear them to work
I was looking for a waterproof sneaker that I could wear to work instead of snow boots. My snow boots are great but they can be very bulky. I tried some shoes from Cole Haan and eventually got these and love them. They are Gore-tex so they are waterproof and keep my feet dry walking in the rain and slush, and they have a low profile so it doesn't look like I'm wearing a sneaker. I have several pairs of Vans which can sometimes fall apart but I these shoes are much tougher and hold up way better than the other ones that I have.