What are some good lightweight hiking shoes?

Asked 208d ago
Gary Tores
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I'm looking for something durable enough to handle hiking, but lightweight enough not to tire my feet out. Hiking shoes, trail-running shoes, and approach shoes are all okay options.
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The North Face Mens Ultra 109 GTX Hiking Shoes
Josh Barner
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I wear these for most of my hikes unless I'm carrying a really heavy bag for multi-day trips. They're super comfortable and fairly light compared to most hiking shoes/boots.
Altra Superior 3.5 Trail Running Shoes
Chris Navarra
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I own these Altras
I bought these trailrunning shoes about a year ago. I do some trailrunning and some hiking in them, and they've been fantastic for both. They're quick-dry, rather than waterproof, but for me that's a plus.
Saucony Peregrine 8
Frank Peters
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I hike a few times a month
These are the shoes I hike in. Somebody at REI recommended them, and they've been working well for me. They definitely weigh less than typical hiking boots, but they're still stiff enough that I feel fine on trails with rocks and roots.