What's a slim, brown wallet that's good for carrying a 3-5 cards?

Asked 208d ago
Chris Navarra
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I want a slim wallet that I can use to carry my license, a couple of credit cards, and a subway pass. I might carry a bit of cash as well, but not much. Ideally brown, but open to other colors.
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Bellroy Note Sleeve Leather Wallet
Josh Barner
15 Karma
Bellroy makes fantastic wallets. I use this one, which is about the size you're looking for, but they also have smaller options as well. They come in a few different shades of brown.
Thread Wallets
Justin B
10 Karma
I like this wallet. It's got enough space for a few cards, and I can put my keys on it and carry it in my front pocket, which I prefer so I don't have to sit on it (or worry about pickpockets).
Big Skinny Open Sided Mini Skinny Card Slim Wallet
3 Karma
Been using this as my main wallet for around 2 years
BigSkinny makes a bunch of wallets that are specifically made to be thin. This one allows for a little bit of cash to be held along with a few cards. Each card slot can potentially hold 2 cards each (total of 6), and there is a spot for your ID on the other side.
Slim Minimalist Leather Wallet
Frank Peters
13 Karma
I bought one of these a few months back, and it's holding up well.